• Navy Multi Choke Rash Guard
  • Navy Multi Choke Rash Guard
  • Navy Multi Choke Rash Guard

Navy Multi Choke Rash Guard

This rash guard is one of our favorites! The different chokes and positions leave us wondering which one is yours?
We love this rash guard and it's colorful counter part so much that we are willing to give you a coupon for 10 bucks if you can tell us how many chokes/positions are on here. Message us on insta @northsouthfightgear with your guess and if you're right we will send you a coupon code! Also we would love to see you applying your favorite submission while wearing it, we will definitely give you a shout out!
  • All of our rash guards are printed using sublimation so none of our designs will peel or flake off. This also keeps them looking awesome wash after wash. 
  • We built these bad boys to fit tight (if you like a more loose fit order up) but with the tightness we wanted to make sure we included moisture wicking abilities to help you stay nice and cool while rolling with gi or no gi. This is also a huge bonus for your training partners, we all know about the sweaty body part of your partner that touches your bare skin.... woof!
  • Serious talk here, our 4 way stitching is impeccable. We get it, we know you are working your ass off just trying to survive, no need to worry about your gear falling apart. 
  • Worried about it riding up? Well, put your fears at ease. We have included a silicone strip at the bottom of all of our rash guards to ensure they stay down. Nothing worse then having the new guy pull your rash guard down for you.
  • The fabric is thick and nice. The inside is white and not see through in the least. It also offers SPF 50 for the days you want to go roll around or swim outside.  
    • $60.00